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Skin And Beauty Language Digital Download

Skin And Beauty Language Digital Download

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Skin Education in Bite Size Pieces - Understand the Language and Make Informed Decisions about Your Skin!

There are over 840 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea, making up almost 12% of the worlds's languages. My first language is English and my mouth dropped at the terms my English speaking friends "explained" to me. Sometimes, there seemed to be 10 definitions for the same term, in English. I can't imagine how the term, "chemical peel" would translate to everyone on my street in New Mexico in the US. Do you need the black on white facts?

Introducing the Ayanna Denise Skin Mini guides. The ultimate guides for maintaining healthy skin for all genders, ages, and complexions in an easy to read format.

Skin & Beauty Language explores the conversations we have around skin, beauty, and how it impacts our skin and health.

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