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Ayanna Zahra, New Mexico's Holistic Skin Therapist of African origin, has helped women of color all over the world reverse hyperpigmentation, acne, and the effects of auto-immune diseases and/or medications. Before creating AYANNA DENISE SKIN , Ayanna focussed on Holistic Studies across South America, Asia, North America, and Europe while Designing Clothes. Her story includes loosing herself and finding herself once more after marriage, depression, divorce, reinvention, and becoming a new mother. Ayanna's Ancestral gifts of healing is helping so many men, women, and children find their confidence and embrace self-love and empowering themselves with skin knowledge, holistically.

The 4 Skin Types that you should know (and will make so many things make sense).

Some of us were born with Eczema or Skin Sensitivities.

Otherwise, the skin you are born with directly link with your genetics.

Unlearn European exclusive terms, like dry, oily, combination, and aging.

Learn your Skin's BLUEPRINT, and open up a world of understanding, skin love, and empowerment!

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