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Myth Busters Digital Download

Myth Busters Digital Download

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When I was "with child" living in India, it was (and still is) illegal to know the gender of the baby. So, according to 90% of my coworkers, family, and friends, I was having a boy. I was small, bruises on my hinges, and I was looking delicious on a daily basis. "Girls take your beauty. So, you must have a boy in there." Sounds silly? What about why your skin is "aging"? What have you heard?

Introducing the Ayanna Denise Skin Mini guides. The ultimate guides for maintaining healthy skin for all genders, ages, and complexions in an easy to read format.

Myth Busters explores and delves into the misconceptions we’ve learned about caring for our skin, and helps you unlearn these misconceptions to see immediate and lasting changes to your health and skin.


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