Black woman applying skin product to face for her skin regimen

Natural Skincare Tips for African, Asian, and Indigenous American Skin

Here is a quick, simple skin guide tor your nightly SKIN ROUTINE! This begins as early as 9 years old to beyond menopause.

Cleaning the skin is a must after a day of pollution, sweating, and touching dirty surfaces or makeup.

Using a Toner is not about just smelling fresh. It actually should rebalance your skin flora.

If you are using a Moisturizer, choose the right level of moisture, from oil to a light lotion. This changes with the season, the climate you're currently in, and even what else is changing in your body.

Sunscreen is not a category, it is a starting point for what your skin needs. Make sure the ingredients are nourishing, not harmful. Stay away from petroleum if you are melanin rich. It will result in acne and hyperpigmentation quicker than your vacation.

A Healthy Skin Regimen must be simple. The more complicated, the worse it is for you to narrow down what works and what isn't. Every trend in beauty is not your assignment.

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Thank you for trusting me with your SKIN!

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