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Poison Palette Digital Download

Poison Palette Digital Download

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Skin Education in Bite Size Pieces - Cosmetics that do Damage!

I was about 25 yo when I tried the SKINNY B!%# DIET with my co-worker, Donald. This may have been a "Fad Diet". However, these meals forced me to look at the ingredients in EVERYTHING I put in my diet and eat loads of whole foods. Did you know your skin is so smart, that it will scream at you what your epidermis does not like. Regardless of which icon is affiliated with it. I am taking your guess work out. 

Introducing the Ayanna Denise Skin Mini Guides. The ultimate guides for maintaining healthy skin for all genders, ages, and complexions in an easy to read format.

The Poison Palette free download helps you understand what’s harming you skin and causing your skin condition. The guide gives elimination recommendations and the chemicals, products, and foods to avoid to achieve your best skin yet.

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